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Interview with Yung Sinister

Name is Ruben Aka Yungsinist3r, i'm 21 years old, i'm dutch, close to amsterdam. I love making music and connecting with people all around to world, i wanna travel the world, meet people. talk to people, turn up with peope, and share my story's with people, and listen to theirs. Also like big booty and weed What drew you to the music industry? My and my friends have been listening to Hiphop since we was kids, my homie Remy akaTwin had a home made studio and was always making music, one day we was in hishouse and we hit the studio together. It was a dope vibe, since then i’ve been makingmusic with and without him. Music has alwas been a big part of my life, and my mood.There isn’t a day where i don’t listen to, or create music Who are you inspired by? I’m inspired by a lot of people, let me make a top 4 to keep it easy. 1: My mother, i was raised by a single mother, the amount of blood sweat and tears she sacrificed for me i will never forget. My mother is hands down the person i look up to the most. 2: Tupac, I dont even know what to say, Tupac has been of the biggest influences in the hiphop scene, my and my friends been listening to it since kids 3: XXXTentacion, i really liked how versitile he was with his music, a great artist of this generation who died way to young. He also gave a very postive vibe towards his fans and inspired them. 4: Tory lanez, Great hooks, great flows. His older shit is even better, Blue jay season is hands down my favo track.

Please explain your creative process. it all depends on my mood, usually i lock myself in my room with enough weed. I start smoking, listening to beats, i slowly start to get a freestyle going and try to create it in a track. Sometimes i just write stuff when something’s on my mind. What’s an average day like for you? It’s really hard to tell you what my average day looks like, it Depends from day to day. Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music? In my freestyle “sinner within” there sure is some hidden meaning behind it, also in alot of my unfished projects i dig deep in to my past to dance with my demons, the project will have some hidding meanings, Tho i’ll leave it all open to interpretation Do you collaborate with others? What is that process? Yes i FT with other artist. I got some Local ft’s coming it’s gonna be recorded in my friends studio. Features with artist from UK and USA are coming aswell. I record my hook or verse, send it to them, they rap on it, send it back to me. And i try to do the mixing Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans. I interacting with fans by posting stuff to my instagram story, responding to DM’s. My close fans even got my phone number. They become like a kind of family eventually. I’m still a really small artist. But even having just one fan is worth it. It’s a great feeling when people enjoy the music and “art” i create and can relate to it or just like the sound/vibe to it.

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why? The best thing about this line of work, is the energy it gives you, it doesn’t feel like work. Tho i gotta admit i’m not big enough yet to make my carreer my fulltime job but, the interaction with the fans i already have is amazing. It makes me wanna create more music, and better music, there is always room to improve. I want to become a better artist, reach out to and connect with more people. The worst thing is some times you put in 4/6 hours per song, you really like the song, all your friends fuck with it, you really think “This is it, this is my moment” only to wake up to see 200 plays. You start to question yourself at times, maybe even doubt. But good things take time to happen. Time and effort. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? I never had a show FR Tell me about your favorite performance venues. I never had a show yet, since i’m still working on content. My dream would be to give a show at rolling loud, or Woohah. Woohah is a Big hiphop Festival in my home country, i’ve been going to it for years. It would be an honor to be on a woohah stage one day! What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in yourfootsteps? The best advice that i can give you is really corny, but it’s true. Dont doubt yourself. People will always hate on something you do, just accept it. You gotta believe in what you are doing, don’t take it personal, don’t doubt yourself. Also reach out to people, interact with people, engage with them. People need to relate to your music, but also to you as an artist. If your fans relate to you, and the things you do they’ll become loyal fans, who follow you for life!

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