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Interview With Sir William Alexander

What drew you to the music industry? I’ve always had a passion and love for music, from reading poetry at family functions to reenacting the Thriller video. Seeing that I am able to have a similar impact on fan around the world is what helped me determine my career.

Who are you inspired by? I am inspired by, there is Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kevin Hart, T-Pain, Chris Brown, and Drake.

Please explain your creative process My creative process is a little unorthodox; I typically look for a beat that fits my current mood or atmosphere. I then start with making the worst sounds known to mankind to find my melody and cadence. From there the magic starts to happen as words start to form. I write until I get chills that’s when I know I have something.

What’s an average day like for you? My day typically starts with watching sports or reading music news. From there I’m on YouTube looking for beats. I hop in my car and I drive until I find a beat that intrigues me.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music? Yes there are several meanings in all of my song but I wont tell. You will have to listen closely to figure them out.

Do you collaborate with others? What is that process? Yes I collaborate with others, typical artist reach out to me and depending on if I am feeling the song or see the potential in the song that’s how I determine if I am going to go through with the collaboration.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans Fans can reach me on instagram that’s where I respond to all fan communication

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why? My favorite is being able to create something others can relate to and embrace. I enjoy being able to positively impact the lives of others.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? All the time, look performing in front of thousands of fans is never easy I’m always nervous before I step on stage. The energy from the fans is what gets me past it.

Tell me about your favorite performance venues. By far my most favorite place to perform is the University Of Florida homecoming parade. There is nothing like 90,000 people coming together for a common goal.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps? Content content content, you can never have enough content. Also surround yourself with people that are going to make you better every single day. Lastly never stop believing in yourself and tell the fans what you want them to do.

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