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F1 is expected to change the drill scene

F1 O.R.A (F1NESSEKID), part of the music group “O.R.A” established in 2019, (ONLY REAL ALBANIANS), is a 16 year old underground rapper of Albanian heritage based out of the UK. Upon the release of his highly anticipated first track, F1 is expected to change the drill scene after months of popular snippets and leaks being continuously fed to his fans through social media, causing his name to spread widely across the country and his following to increase dramatically.

Inspiration for his art stems from his Albanian relatives, older influences and rappers alike to him; F1 has been rapping since an extremely young age, with his main inspiration being “NOIZY OTR”. This artist is due to cause havoc in the drill scene with his versatile flows and range of unique beats, which ultimately allow his music to differ from other artists as he continues to portray himself as original, unlike many seeking to follow in his path.

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