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interview with RICHVARIII

What separates you from other Detroit artists? What will seperate me from Detroit artist is I don'tsound the same you wouldn't even know I'm a Detroit artist fr. If you could pick any artist to collab with who would that be? It would be Chris brown

What are some of your goals for the industry? I want to collab with lots of artist have a platinum album. What are some of the things you like do besides music is. I love to draw when I’m not doing my music

What can fans expect from your EP? They can expect straight heat the real, my story, a littlebit of everything

Why should viewers follow you? They should start following me because my supporters Iwill support back, i always show love to those who show love,loyalty is a value to me

If you had to compare yourself to who would that be? If I could compare myself to a artist I would be a mixtureof Chris browns and lil durk because I'm very versatile and I singbut I would call my self more of a melodiest

Why do you think so many ppeople are listening to your music? Because I talk about the streets, real life situations, mylife they can relate to

What inspires you to write? A lot of things inspires me during my process I thinkabout what I’ve been through, and whatever I’m going through atthe moment

What is the most difficult thing you had to endure in your life? The most difficult thing I had to endure was beinglocked up

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