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New visuals released by Unlvcky Nas titled “Ooh Damn”

The song “Ooh Damn” is a catchy yet meaningful song. Dedicated to a friend I lost to the streets, it’s a feel good song that makes you want to turn up. The hard beat and the calm soothing flow mixes perfectly, vibing to it is inevitable.

Unlvcky Nas started rapping when he was 17, he recorded his first song himself on his laptop with a mic inside of a cardboard box. He started off just a bored kid playing with a beat but then he realized that he was actually talented.

My pain really inspired me to make music, it’s a way I can lay everything I feel or been through out on the table so people can listen and understand me. Also it’s a stress reliever, Music is beautiful to me, it helps me express myself & bring joy to others, he said.

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