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Story about Laro Don

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in the year of '96 to my loving parents of which I have the passion of being a "go getter" and instilling the drive to manipulate my musical career. I am Laro Don, an upcoming Jamaican artiste and this is my story. Growing up, I was a shy individual, quite surprisingly, seeing that I am also a musical performer as I was not confident in myself and I had the tendency to worry about person’s perception of my music. This however changed at the end of 2017 in Bronx, New York, when I decided to do what makes me happy, which was making music as my full time career. I immediately googled music production studios nearby and took an Uber to the location of then production studio and it turns out the producer was Jamaican too, immediately my musical flow started as the familiarity of the Jamaican dancehall-reggae background took its toll. I do have a lot of family that are creatives as I have carpenters, craftsmen and even musical artistes in my family.

From a very tender age, I was also the one to be eagerly awaiting talent competitions to perform my songs and finishing first of course! My inspirations are withdrawn from anyone with superb talent, such as Vybz Kartel “The Dancehall King", Masicka and international likes like the OVO Boss, Drake. I totally enforce the belief that if one man can do it then another two most definitely can. My creative process depends on my mood and the rhythm or beat that I receive or if I have an idea prior my studio visit I will then advise the producer of the type of beat and lyrics to go along with it to get it recorded.


I have no strict chronological order to engage with my creativity as it is mostly impromptu, depending on the inspiration that happens throughout that period that will set the tone for that day. Which brings me to an average day in my life as a musical artiste. Stemming from my early childhood life in Jamaica, I normally I wake up each morning, drink a glass of room temperature water, then check phone and emails to maintain or market my network connections by keeping abreast with daily happenings and deadlines from my production team.

I don’t necessarily have any underlying meanings for my songs as yet as I have an intimate side of me that I am not ready to be released to the public, but I have written and recorded songs that are for sentimental purposes. In due time these music will be shared with my fans.

I am one hundred percent all for collaborating with other artistes as I believe no man is an island, no man stands alone. I am very interactive, I love my fans although not many, but I do appreciate the few that I have and I always try to make it a point of my duty to always be in touch with their support by engaging in their conversation online or liking/commenting on their post of me. My favorite part of my life as a artiste is getting that exhilarating thrill of a new lyric and rhythm that I find perfect to be recorded and the final official production playing with crew members and watching their faces light up, sends goosebumps throughout my skin, especially when I perform that song live for everyone else to hear it. Needless to say, my least favorite part of the music industry is how the industry is set up and rigged, as it is not easy to matriculate through if you do not have network connections to get your music played on the radio or to be featured at local stage events. I tend to deal with performing anxiety by drinking Apple Vodka with 2 cubes of ice, to help take the jitter off and calm my head space instantly.

My dream performance venue would be at either Roaring Loud or XXL as I have admired their quality artistes that they have featured so far. In 2018, I created my own music production company, LD Music Group with 2 artistes 1 producer and also a location in Kingston, Jamaica. We are still still growing and we also provide leasing of musical instruments and recording opportunities to the public. We hope to have grown by the next coming year to a much renovated space both in Jamaica and here with success beyond success.

My advice to young artistes out there is to definitely follow your dreams as we do not have the blue print to find out what best works for us, it is with trial and errors that we accomplish the creation of who we are, as we are the final engineers of our self development.

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