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Beezy Muzic Ft ZAYE - ROLL UP [ An @PrestonBernsteen Gig]💎

“ROLL UP” is a dancehall/hip hop/reggae song that gets people up and dancing with a Chicago feel. The concept of “Roll Up” can be whatever you want it to be. Rather you are rolling up to a party, friends house, or concert etc. It’s a feel good song that puts you in a positive mood.

Music as a whole inspires me to want to make those around me feel good. And, being Artist from Chicago where music is all about violence, and negativity sometimes you just want to listen to music that uplifts you, brings you joy, and escape reality.

Music has always been a passion of mine, and it took for me to push myself towards creating good music. Going through life and overcoming tough obstacles;I felt I had something to give to those in my city! Moneynheartbreakz was created, and I came along as an artist”Zayè” because I’m all about making positive music, and music that can potentially changes someone’s life.

As, a major Artist doing performances, interviews, and someone who will impact the lives of some many people in a positive way. I want my music to live on even after I leave this earth, and if I can accomplish that...I know for sure I have done what I always want, and that is live through my music.

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