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Dollar Bars is a rising star in the UK hip-hop and grime scene

Dollar Bars (real name Michael Steenson) is a rising star in the UK hip-hop and grime scene. Mixing witty lyrics, relatable content and a clean delivery, Dollar recently released a brand new five track EP 'Listen' led by the single 'Cut Them Loose'. Dollar is also a seasoned live performer, boasting live apperances on events alongside the likes of Virus Syndicate across Manchester, Southport, Wigan and beyond.

I fell in love with music at a young age. Started to dj when I was 14 playing dance music and moved onto rapping a few years later. Last year in 2018 I released my first album "Dollar Bars - A Money Sound Production" followed by my latest project "Dollar Bars - Listen" you can find them on most popular streaming sites.

Make sure to stream his latest album 'Listen' on Spotify right now!

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