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Interview with Rookie Fuzzle

Rookie Fuzzle is an up and coming artist, driven to succeed in the music Industry. In contrast to most rappers who speak about money, women and fame, Rookie Fuzzle hopes to spread spiritual vibes and make the listeners of his music laugh.

When asked about what drew him into the music industry, Rookie Fuzzle stated "There are too many bad rappers in my area ruining the scene. Someone had to step up and show them how its done." The statement speaks for itself. He is confident in his skill and knows his self worth. We asked Rookie Fuzzle about his inspirations. Instead of saying something like Biggie or Tupac, he took a more spiritual path and responded with Buddha. Another of his inspirations is Socrates. Socrates was a greek philosopher from 470 - 399 bc. He says that one of his greatest accomplishments is rapping for Ocean Wisdom. He says that Ocean Wisdom enjoyed Rookie Fuzzle's display of talent .

Rookie Fuzzles creative process involves alot of reading. He explained that he used to read as much as he physically could. He also wrote alot however, it wasn't always lyrics for songs. He first started with a 200 page book. He said "Once you have done so much writing work, you just go with the flow. You don't look for inspiration, you wait until it finds you"

The typical day for Rookie Fuzzle includes going outside as much as possible. He explained that he faced the streets, trying to make money or if he wanted a rest, going on a hike. When the sun goes down and the night emerges, he goes out to perform at open mics for fun. He says he also does it for the recognition.

Rookie Fuzzle tries to do as much as he possibly can. He befriends other artists and often reaches out to create music with others.

Fans and supporters are the primary reason for an artists growth and Rookie Fuzzle acknowledges on that. When asked about how he interacts with fans, the rapper gave a full and honest answer. He said " I try to be the best version of what I think i am. I try to go to open mics as much as possible and let my fans know about them. I usually meet my fans and try to connect with them"

Being a musician comes with highs and lows. Whether it is performing on the stage for the first time or releasing your first album. We asked Rookie Fuzzle about both his favorite and least favorite parts from his experience in the music industry.

His favorite stemmed from a performance. The rising star said this when asked. "Being on stage and putting up a good show are my favorite parts. Once, I was rapping on stage with an Asian lady who sang with me. The whole stage exploded in climax. It was like Magic"

Performing on the stage can be fun however, the music industry also comes with its own set of serious problems. Rookie Fuzzle opens up about one of these problems

"My least favorite part is the fact that the job is dangerous. I have my own beef with some rappers and it affects my personal life. I always need to watch my back when i'm on the streets and I feel that I can't trust anybody. Around a month ago, I was constantly chased by either police or disgruntled haters. It's difficult to feel safe as a rapper, despite knowing you are close to stardom" This highlights the violence found in the rap game. Everybody is looking to prove their worth, no matter the means.

Stage fright and anxiety are common aspects of performing. Even if an artist seems cool and composed on the inside, they could be screaming inside. Rookie Fuzzle had this to say about stage anxiety. "Yes, of course. I still do [get stage anxiety]. The fact is that in the moment, you don't think. You just go and see where it will take you. If you don't do this, you will always regret it. And believe me, it does get easier"

The rappers favorite venue to perform at used to be "The Mandril" in his home city of Maastricht. Unfortunately, it closed down. His current favorite is called "The LBB" which is also located in Maastricht.

To all the readers, here is what Rookie Fuzzle had to say before the interview concluded.

"Come correct and be original. Don't let people tell you how to live your life. All you have to do is drink, piss, eat, shit and BREATH! Have a nice day!"

- Rookie Fuzzle

A good piece of advice, straight from Rookie Fuzzle himself.

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