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Jaydee - Please Me (2 Part Video)

A 90s baby with a lot of ambition. Jaydee has been living in Miami since he was 8 years old. Prior to that, he spent his early years in the Caribbean on the beautiful island of Haiti.

After studying sound engineering at Full Sail University, he came back home, and now he's one of the very few that not only writes his lyrics, but also records, mix, and masters everything on his own as well.

He currently has two EP's that were released in 2020. The first is entitled “Vice” which is a reference to the city of Miami and short for “Miami Vice”. The second is entitled “Quarantine Nights” which was inspired by the global pandemic(Covid-19) that begun shortly after Vice was released.

His love for the city is undeniable and his music fully backs it up. These two EP's display his diversity as an artist, and his ability to not only rap but also provide sharp melodies to sing along to. His lyricism is crafty, authentic, and unpredictable.

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