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"THOT THOT" is about a relationship I was in that went wrong. I got upset and called the girl a THOT. I really liked her but I was emotional and the comment was uncalled for. I believe people should be sexually free without being called inappropriate names. I’m going hard in the song but I chose to put it out because every story deserves to be told. This includes the good, bad, and the ugly as the music is a reflection of life. At the end of the day, it’s funny so I made it my single.

“THOT THOT” was actually written about 5 years ago. I wrote it and recorded it on my phone. I played it for my homie one day and when we got around the fam they told me "play that “THOT THOT song". At the time it was called "Queen Thot" so I thought that was funny. I played it and they got to screaming and running around like lil' kids. I knew I was on to something. 5 years later after unburying it, I have grown men screaming “THOT THOT” at me like it's all good.

Sometimes I wish I kept the title "Queen Thot" because that would solidify me in history for popularizing the phrase "Queen Thot". But everybody always says "play that THOT THOT song" so I went with what was “Poppy”.

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