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Interview with TreShaun

July 16, 2019

What drew me to the music industry ?

   Growing up I always listed to Nelly, Keith Sweat, Ne-Yo & other artist. I just fell in love with the r&b sound along the way. I didn’t wanna go into the military or go to college so I just put my heart into music.


What I’m Inspired By ? 

  Knowing I’ll be able to take care of myself & my family makes me go harder everyday. I never knew what I was gone do with my life but now I see my purpose & I’m gone show the world & make them feel everything I know & feel. 


Creative Process ? 

  I like to listen to a beat with my eyes closed & get a feel for it. I don’t listen with my ears, I listen with my soul & I just go from there & let it flow out. I might take a break from a certain song & go work on another one at times but I take much pride in what I put out to the world.




Average Day For Me ? 

  I’ll wake up & just start listening to beats. I’ll probably have a dream about a song then wake up & write it. That’s how “Chromosomes” came about. I come to the studio everyday & let my brain work. Gotta write everyday cause the day you don’t write was probably the day you would’ve wrote a hit. Studio, studio, studio this my life.


Hidden Meaning ? 

  I don’t believe it’s a hidden meaning in any of my music but I would say I just want my fans to feel everything I’m saying. I’m not an expressive person so this is my outlet.


Collaborations ?

 Haven’t done any collab’s yet but there will be a lot of collaborations in the near future for sure.


Interact & Response ? 

  I show all my fans love because without them this isn’t possible. I try my best to respond to all my fans, everybody wanna feel like they have somebody & Ik the feelings so I try my best to be there for them. 


Favorite Part Of This Line Of Work ?

 I don’t have to work a 9-5 anymore. Nothing is wrong with working that but it just wasn’t for me. It was things I wanted to do & take care of it right then. I get to travel & see new places, before all of this I had never left Florida. So I’m loving everything about it.


Performance Anxiety ? 

 Yes, my first couple performances was nerve wrecking for me. Everybody was just staring at me which was new to me because I’ve always been a behind the scenes type of person. But it get easier every show.


Favorite Venues ?

   I’m still adding venue history to my catalog but my favorite venue so far was Arrow downtown Orlando. 


Advice From Me ? 

  Go get it, don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t do it because once you got they’ll love you & say you the hardest artist walking. Uplift yourself & believe in yourself like a super fan. It might seem far away buts it’s closer than you think, just keep your head up & run to it.


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