Poe The Passion X Nicasso X Allie Caviness - Words May Hush

October 6, 2019

Poe The Passion comes out with another banger this year!

His latest video has been getting great feedback from coast to coast.

He collaborated with other artists like Nicasso and Allie Caviness for his latest release - Words May Hush. 

See the official music video exclusively on WMR Music Group below:


Some like those who can flow. Some prefer an artist who can deliver
intelligent wordplay. Almost anyone will relate to a story of overcoming
through perseverance told by a true artist. Poe the Passion is a true artist
who uses all of these gifts to take his fans through the journey while
bobbing your head to the beat. Music is a form of expression and we are
all artists painting a picture. Poe states about his passion, “Lyrically they
nickname me the juggernaut, it is my passion that I bring to you; my
audience. I believe in unique wordplay and I want my audience to rewind
me and be like, ‘you heard what he just said?!’ That is the ultimate


Poe was given the nickname “Juggernaut” because of his ability to
blow through his tracks using various methods and just as a juggernaut
cannot be stopped, Poe the Passion has the same sense about him. Poe
goes on to say, “I seek to bring substance to my music to give fans of hip
hop something to listen to. This is my passion and I hope everyone enjoys
what I bring to the music game. My goal is to rock the building when I
perform and I am grateful for the people I have met and will meet in this
musical journey. I appreciate everyone that supports and rocks with me. I
am here because of you!”

Poe’s first solo album released called “The

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